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Welcome everyone, to Culture Shock!!!

I am the Guildmaster Falconhand and this is my baby, so to speak.  I came up with the idea for this guild and the name based around the fact that I wanted to be different from the usual guilds out there.  I want this guild to be open to any and all who wish to meet new people, learn about the game World of Warcraft and just remember that this game is supposed to be fun and not another job. 

I do understand that if a person wants to be a successful raider and/or PvPer then there are certain things that must be done and taught and I would like this place to be where they learn it.  Most high-end guilds turn people away because they don't know everything about their class, the theorycrafting behind it and the intricacies of group forming, yet they don't bother to teach those people either. 

Here at Culture Shock we will strive to teach you everything you need to know about your character and the game.  We won't just tell you something is better, we will explain and give you resources to read up on so you can understand it yourself.  We will show you through actual in-game application how a certain strategy for a boss might work or a varied rotation for your class.  We want our members to feel that they can come here to have their questions answered.

I could go on and on but I'd like to invite you all to see for yourself!  I hope you enjoy your stay here with Culture Shock.  Take care!

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Dread Citadel Naxxramas cleared!

xenoseraphim, Aug 31, 10 5:20 AM.
I want to say a HUGE Congrats to our raid team for clearing Naxxramas in one night, with only 7 people.  We had a great time and got a slew of achievements.  Also grats to Flogginmolly for getting his tank gear, and to Llandra and Wilks for leading us in there.  Next week: Obsidian Sanctum and Malygos!


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

xenoseraphim, Jul 21, 10 7:39 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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